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Java program to calculate employee salary

Problem statement: Create a class Employee with the following private member variables.• int employeeId • String employeeName • double salary • double netSalaryInclude appropriate getters and setters method in Employee class. Write the following method in the Employee class: public void calculateNetSalary(int pfpercentage) – This method should take PF percentage as an argument. Deduct the …

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Best 5 laptop to buy under 50000 In Amazon great Indian festival,

Here is list of best laptops under 50k for android app developmet. 1.HP 5q-ds1001TU Processor: i5-8265U (1.6 GHz base frequency, up to 3.9 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 6 MB cache, 4 cores) Memory, Graphics : 8GB DDR4 RAM (Expandable upto 16GB) (8GB x 2 Slots), with Intel UHD Graphics Storage: 1TB 5400 rpm …

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Type Casting In Java

Type casting is when you want to assign value of one data type to another data type. There are two types of casting. Widening Casting: This can be done automatically. Narrowing Casting: This can be done manually. Widening casting Widening casting is done automatically when you passes smaller size type to larger size type. byte -> short -> char -> int -> long -> float -> double …

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Data Types in Java

Data types are used to categories the data concerning the type of data. Data types are divided into two groups. Primitive data types Non-primitive data types Primitive data types Primitive data types specifies the type and size of variable value. It does not have any additional method. There are eight primitive data types. Data Types …

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Variables in Java

A variable is the name of a memory location which is used to store data values. It is like a container for storing data value. It is the way to represent memory location by user-defined name so that it can be easily accessible. Its value can be changed and reused. Syntax for declaring variables type …

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Comments In Java

Comments are used to making program human readable. Comments are those statements which will not executed by compiler or interpreter. There are two types of comments in java Single line comment Multi-line comment Single line comment Single line comments start with “//” //This is a single line comment's example Multi line comment Multi line comment …

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Introduction to JAVA

Java is a object oriented programming language developed by James Gosling in 1995 AT Sun Microsystem. Later java acquired by oracle corporation. More than 3 billions devices uses java. Java is used for following applications:- Desktop Applications Web Applications Mobile Applications Database connections Games Web Server Application server And many more things Why Use Java? …

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